Why All Athletes Should Be on LinkedIn

Think about athletes on social media and you instinctively picture Instagram, Facebook or perhaps Twitter, but although very few seem to have made this jump, here is why all athletes should be on LinkedIn!

Regarded as the business social media platform, LinkedIn is traditionally less about pictures of gym sessions and beach days, certainly not the place for your late night party pics, but with declining results on the other social media platforms, and the huge opportunity to build a network with corporate decision makers, LinkedIn is a very valuable space for athletes to be.

So, as Facebook usage declines and Instagram’s organic reach starts to reduce, why not take a look at the platform that HubSpot reports as being 277% more effective for lead generation?

Athletes on LinkedIn
Why All Athletes Should Be on LinkedIn

The type of athletes who should join LinkedIn are those:

  • Looking to connect with potential sponsors
  • Wishing to build their brand
  • Laying the groundwork for a career after sport

In short, every athlete could benefit from joining LinkedIn, if they go about it in the right way.

So, before we talk about ‘the right way’, let’s learn a little more about the type of people already using LinkedIn and how the numbers stack up:

  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest network for professionals, with over 8.2 million C-level executives on the site  
  • LinkedIn has over 600 million members 
  • Over half of the users are active every month and over 60 million are at a decision-making level within their organisation 
  • 80 percent of B2B leads generated on social media come from LinkedIn  

What this should tell athletes about LinkedIn, is that it’s a platform:

  • Full of business decision-makers
  • Trusted for connecting and building your network
  • Effective for letting people establish and commercialise brands
Stephanie Rice LinkedIn

If you need a little extra knowledge to get you inspired about the opportunity of LinkedIn for athletes, think about the content creation and potential reach the site offers…

Of the 9 billion-page impressions the site receives each week, only 3 million users (from over 600 million) are actually posting content. In other words, less than 1 percent of users are benefiting from the billions of impressions.

Lets recap what LinkedIn has to offer athletes:

  • Opportunity to build a network potentially interested and able to invest in your future
  • Chance to take advantage of the sites great organic reach
  • Ability to build out a full profile that shows you’re so much more than just a person competing in a sport

For those of you who are now ready to give LinkedIn a go, check these ideas out.

5 top tips to help get you started:

  • LinkedIn Profile Photo – it might sound obvious, but make sure you have one and that it’s professional looking, ideally a headshot with you looking into the camera, shot against a clean background and with no one else in view
  • Complete your Profile – make sure that you list your name, provide background info about yourself and a detailed summary
  • Post Content – one of the great things about LinkedIn for new users, is that you’re not expected to post as frequently as other social media platforms. That said, if you want to tap into the full potential of the site, you do need to post and when you do, make sure you write in the first person and not just about the challenges of your sport, this is a chance to show more of yourself than that – think charity work, volunteering and life experience
  • List your Contact Info – you want people to reach out to you, so make sure it’s as easy as possible
  • Start Building your Network – the site values users that have a large network (500+), so you need to work on growing yours. Start with people you know or have come across via your sport and go from there. If you are reaching out to people you don’t know, make sure to send them a note to introduce yourself and why you’d like to connect – be aware that people don’t want to be spammed, so make sure to be courteous 
Could LinkedIn be the most valuable Social Media platform for Athletes
LinkedIn offers a great network building opportunity

LinkedIn is in a class of its own when it comes to building a valuable network and generating leads.

Marketers have spotted that the likes of Facebook are losing its audience at a much quicker rate than expected, and those marketers are starting to look to the potential of LinkedIn for good reason.

With many young and emerging athletes drawing a blank when trying to figure out how to reach an influential new audience that might be able to help them either now or into the future, this is the time for athletes to get onto LinkedIn and start to build their own network through the site.  

If you do sign up and want to start your network growth, please feel free to add me and send a note to say that you read this article, I’ll be sure to accept your request and help where I can!

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