Who Are the Most Valuable Athletes on Social Media

Social Media isn’t just a casual post here and there for the world’s top athletes. Their ability to create content and reach huge audiences, has them paid millions of dollars a year to endorse and showcase products and brands.

But which athletes are the most valuable when it comes to social media?

To answer that question, you first need to factor in each athlete’s engagement, that is a figure made up of measures such as; likes, comments and shares over the big three platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Cristiano Ronaldo Social Media
Cristiano Ronaldo is rated the most valuable athlete on social media

What we do know is that Instagram typically provides the highest engagement level, 46 of the top 50 athlete social media accounts (based on engagement) come from Instagram.

Also figuring highly in the ratings are footballers – likely because of the global reach of the sport, 9 of the 14 athlete accounts with at least 100 million interactions in the first half of 2019, were footballers. 

So, to find out the most valuable athletes in their sports, Hookit ran the numbers and here are the results, based on total social interactions:



Serena Williams Social Media
Serena Williams is head of the pack in Tennis


Lewis Hamilton is leading the race in Motor Sports

Motor Sports

Combat Sports

American Football

LeBron James is Basketballs king on Instagram


Athletes starting out in their career, can’t expect to have figures like these on social media, but it does go to show the importance of building your engagement figures if you are hoping to derive value from your social media channels. 

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