How to Get a Supplement Sponsorship with True Protein

Landing a supplement sponsorship would be a dream come true for most athletes. Nutrition being such a vital component of your physical development, aligning with a company who can provide you with the products to fuel your performance and possibly even some much-needed funding, would tick a number of major boxes. 

So, how can an aspiring athlete turn the heads of the world’s biggest supplement and nutrition companies and in a world full of attractive and fit looking gym goers all vying for attention, how can you stand out from the crowd?

To answer these questions and provide you with real guidance and a genuine path to a supplement sponsorship, I spoke to Australia’s fastest growing protein company – True Protein, to understand exactly what they look for and what an athlete can do to get ahead.

Supplement Sponsorship
Supplement Sponsorship with True Protein

Does True sponsor athletes?

TP – Yes, we are very proud to support by the way of sponsoring both emerging and established athletes.

What type of sponsorship package might True offer, depending on the athletes’ level? 

TP – For emerging athletes, we start them off on a contra or discounted products only sponsorship. We do give all of our athletes some free apparel, so they have the opportunity to take a photo for their social media accounts, and be seen to be both supported and proudly representing us, even if it’s just by their peers.

How would you expect to be approached by a young athlete or their parents? 

TP – We have a sponsorship application page on our website. We get inundated with requests and this is the best way for us to look at everyone individually.

What would True look for in an athlete (performance and personally) to make you interested in partnering up? 

TP – We look at an athlete’s chosen sport and results. We also look at their social media following and the quality of their feed and pictures – we’re looking to see whether it aligns well with our business or not. If the athlete has already been using True Protein and is a fan of the products to support their training, that’s also very important to us.

Tia-Clair Toomey, True Protein Ambassador
Tia-Clair Toomey, True Protein Ambassador

True Protein is now a well-known brand, but can you tell us more about the values that the company lives by and what your vision is as a brand? 

TP – Our purpose is to enhance human health, performance and wellbeing. We pride ourselves on the best in class ingredients and taste from local and globally sourced raw materials. Our vision is for True to be the trusted authority for those aspiring to live an energetic, long and healthy life.

We’re proud to live by the values: Be True, Be You, Be Better, Be Balanced, Be United.

Do you have any tips or advice to sportspeople looking sign with/get support from a brand like True Protein now or at some stage in the future? 

TP – Keep a clean and sport focused image personally and on your social media. Going above and beyond your requirements in the beginning doesn’t go unnoticed. We have had some athletes that have started on product only sponsorships move to getting paid monthly very quickly simply because they seize every opportunity to promote True and send us great images to use on our socials. They also volunteer their time for an interview to be featured on our blog and ask if there is anything they could do better or more of. It’s so refreshing to work with athletes that realise there needs to be a mutually beneficial partnership between the athlete and the brand for it to work and continue. 

Is True focused on any specific sports or types of athletes right now? 

TP – Right now with the recent release of our True Protein Bar and some products that are in the making, we have looked towards some other sports and athletes. These include Surfers, Triathletes and Jiu Jitsu/MMA.

What are the biggest mistakes or things athletes should avoid if approaching or wanting to work with a brand such as yours? 

TP – Being seen to jump from brand to brand with no real loyalty, or promoting a competitor then asking us for a sponsorship just because a contract may be ending. We want an athlete to be familiar with our products, know that they are going to support and enhance their performance, and want to rep True because of our quality and reputation as being a superior brand.

So, True Protein is a company that’s leading the way when it comes to product quality and they’re providing a real pathway for athletes to achieve supplement sponsorship. Their feedback and stance in regards to working with athletes is incredibly positive and encouraging. 

True Protein Supplement Sponsorship
True Protein Supplement Sponsorship

For the athletes out there, there are some clear takeaways when it comes to gaining sponsorship:

  1. Understand the company that you are approaching, their values, vision and products, then ensure that these align with your own before targeting them
  2. Make sure that you conduct yourself in a professional manner, both in your sport and your personal life 
  3. Research the company and make sure that you thoroughly adhere to their processors – if they have a pathway to sponsorship, make sure you follow it
  4. Take the chance to go above and beyond for those who support you
  5. Show loyalty and think long-term

If you feel that you have a lot to offer True Protein, align with their values and meet their stated requirements, here is a link to applying for their supplement sponsorship packages:


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