Athlete or Mother, you shouldn’t have to choose

Women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their passions in order to become mothers, that’s the powerful message that sports shoe brand ‘On’, captures in their new campaign featuring Swiss Olympic Gold Medal winner and Mother of three, Nicola Spirig

The video supporting the “On” campaign, runs for just under three minutes and shows Spirig seamlessly combining motherhood, with a gruelling training schedule that will prepare her for Tokyo 2020

Nicola Spirig, a true “Superfrau”

‘On’ co-founder, Olivier Bernhard, has stated that supporting female athletes during pregnancy and motherhood is a big part of the Swiss sportswear companies’ brand:

Family is our number one mantra and we encourage all our sponsored athletes – male and female – to pursue their dreams, both as a parent and as a sporting career professional, said Bernhard. “We want our athletes to perform at their optimum level and uninhibited, knowing they have the full support of their sponsor throughout their professional career and even into retirement.

Nicola has mastered the craft of juggling motherhood with exceptional sporting achievement, and we are all in awe at her dedication and ability to be a world-class champion inside and outside the home.

Combining motherhood, elite sport and her role as a lawyer, certainly seems to make Spirig a standout candidate for the films “Superfrau” theme.

In this day and age I believe you should be able to enjoy motherhood and enjoy continued career success, whether it’s in professional sports or in any occupation.” Spiring went on to say “I’m proud to be part of the assembly of professional sportswomen who are speaking out for their rights as female athletes and I believe that our collective voice is finally being heard. My sponsor, On, is a real trailblazer in their support of parenting athletes and I am truly grateful that such a progressive and forward-thinking company has given me the freedom and encouragement to pursue the joint family and competitive sporting life I choose without any restrictions whatsoever.

ESPN’s survey of professional athletes who are also mothers, reports that 41% stated that their income decreased when they became mothers.

As someone who as seen first hand the challenges of raising children, but also marvelled at the inspirational ability of my wife to combine parenthood and career, I’m thrilled and fully supportive of brands such as On, who are taking these steps to push the conversation and highlighting “Superfrau’s”.  

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