The World’s Richest Athlete

World's Richest Athlete

13th May, 2020 | Jon Perkins

If you thought that the World’s Richest Athlete – Michael Jordan, ever went away, then he’s certainly back with a bang in his hit new docuseries The Last Dance. So, here’s what the show is worth and how MJ made his fortune.

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Best Time to Post on Social Media

Best Time to Post on Social Media

26th November, 2019 | Jon Perkins

If you spend time creating great social media content, make sure you also pay attention to when is the best time to post your social media content in order to get the best results possible.

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Why All Athletes Should Be on LinkedIn

Athletes on LinkedIn

14th November, 2019 | Jon Perkins

With many Social Media sites seeing declines, now is the time for Athletes to get serious about LinkedIn, and tap into the great opportunity it provides to build a valuable network and leverage the sites great organic reach.

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How to Get a Supplement Sponsorship with True Protein

Supplement Sponsorship True Protein

23rd October, 2019 | Jon Perkins

Given the importance of nutrition, landing a Supplement Sponsorship could be a dream come true for many athletes. So how do you go about attracting Australia’s fastest growing protein brand – we asked True Protein to find out.

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The Journey to Becoming a Golf Pro – Blake Windred

Golf Pro Blake Windred

20th October, 2019 | Jon Perkins

Becoming a Golf Pro is the dream of many young golfers, Blake Windred included. As a player who has progressed through the ranks of amateur golf, represented his country and now gone pro, here is what you can learn from Blake’s journey so far.

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Athlete or Mother, you shouldn’t have to choose

Athlete or Mother Nicola Spirig knows you shouldn't have to choose

3rd October, 2019 | Jon Perkins

Athlete or Mother, you shouldn’t have to choose. That’s the powerful message shoe brand ‘On’, captures in their new campaign featuring Swiss Olympic Gold Medal winner and Mother of three, Nicola Spirig.

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The Challenges of Chasing Tokyo 2020

Abbie Taddeo features in this article on the challenges of athlete life

27th September, 2019 | Jon Perkins

We caught up with promising Australian athlete Abbie Taddeo to find out what being an elite athlete is really like, the challenges, stressors and pressures on supporting her dream – is it as glamorous as it looks?

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You have a plan to succeed, but do you have a plan to capitalise on it?

PV Sindhu is a great example of how an athletes marketing value can sky rocket

17th September, 2019 | Jon Perkins

Winning at the right time can cause an athletes value to spike by up to 70%, so if you plan to succeed, it stands to reason you should have a plan for capitalising on it.

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As an Athlete, do you need a website?

Do athletes need websites - this article explains what you need to know

31st July, 2019 | Jon Perkins

It’s cool to have a website, but as an athlete do you need one? Here is our guide on what you need to know.

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Social Media for Athletes and Sponsorship

Athlete Social Media, this article breaks down what you need to know

30th July, 2019 | Jon Perkins

Social Media can be a massive asset for sportspeople, so here is how to grow yours.

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Securing Athlete Sponsorship

Athlete Sponsorship, this article breaks down what you need to know

30th July, 2019 | Jon Perkins

Social Media can be a massive asset for sportspeople, so here is how to grow yours.

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  1. Hi iam trying to get some sponsorship if possible for me and my son . We are both boxers and train together . He is Australian amateur super featherweight champion and i am pan pacific masters middleweight champion . In 12 months we have 2 gold and 2 silver

    1. Hi Luke, it sounds like you’re both doing great things in your sport! We hope that you find the articles on this site useful in approaching potential sponsors. Be clear on with targets on what value you can provide them and have in mind what it is that you are hoping to get from the relationship. You are of course very welcome to email us any questions:

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