Athlete Mktg is a platform created by Jon Perkins, with the intention of helping to educate, support and inform athletes of all ages on how to better market themselves, approach potential sponsors and build their individual brands.

Jon Perkins founder of Athlete Mktg

Jon has spent the last 15 years working in the sporting industry in various commercial, marketing and managerial roles. He has been successful delivering commercial growth for organisations big and small, working for and representing major brands and high-profile athletes.

Regularly sought out for advice, mentoring and speaking roles, it became clear that there is a lack of resources to support aspiring athletes and their families, when it comes to how they should position themselves and generate the type of opportunities that their talent and passion deserves.

It is the aim of Athlete Mktg to bring passion and performance together, both in the sporting arena and the world around the competition, to help young athletes avoid common pitfalls and through simple ideas, create new opportunities.